Castlewood Bulldogs Announces a Careful Process for the Sale of Bulldog Puppies

Castlewood Bulldogs announces a careful process for the sale of Bulldog puppies. This is a careful process to protect both the buyers and the puppies.

The first part of the process in the sale of Bulldog puppies is for the buyer to understand that the puppy is a pet first and foremost. Castlewood Bulldogs is highly committed to the puppies in a litter and as such search for buyers who want a pet as a family member. This puppy should be treated as a member of the family and reside inside the house. Castlewood Bulldogs will not allow the sale of Bulldog puppies to people who intend to keep the puppy in an outside kennel.

Many puppies bred by Castlewood Bulldogs are high quality puppies and thus are show quality dogs. The sale of these puppies is sold on a co-ownership. This means that the new owner and Castlewood Bulldogs both own the puppy. This is simply to protect the puppy and owner and to help the new owner understand and learn the show dog process.

Another step in the process of the sale of Bulldog puppies addresses the puppies that are not sold as show dogs. This does not mean that these puppies are inferior to show dogs, it just simply means that not all buyers intend to participate in the show arena. For puppies in this situation, these dogs will be sold with a spay or neuter clause. This means all new owners will need to have the puppy spayed or neutered prior to receiving all the proper registration papers for the puppy.

The process of the sale of Bulldog puppies includes an application where the buyers must agree to the terms and conditions of the return of the puppy. In the event a family cannot keep the puppy, the puppy should be returned to Castlewood Bulldogs only. No puppy should be placed with local humane society or the local rescue.

These contract terms even apply to full grown adults who were purchased through Castlewood Bulldogs. The reason for this is to protect the puppy and to help alleviate any Bulldog rescue groups. Often these groups are overcrowded and by returning the puppy to Castlewood Bulldogs helps.

Castlewood Bulldogs offers a very careful process for the sale of its puppies. The process is designed this way to protect the puppy. However, the process also helps a family in the event they are faced with a difficult and unexpected situation of having to return the puppy.

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