Best Keratin Treatment For Smooth, Straight Hair

Have you tried any hair straightening technique lately? Are you satisfied with the results? If you’re tired of trying different hair straightening methods and still not able to get desired results, then it is time that you try Keratin Treatment. this sort of hair straightening is quite popular in Brazil and therefore also called Brazilian keratin treatment.

Keratin treatment is sort of dissimilar to traditional hair straightness and relaxers. Firstly, the tactic does not use any harsh chemicals and so there is no danger of hair over-processing. This process of hair treatment is completely safe and a lot of times people get it done to treat over-processed, frizzy, dry, color-treated or unprocessed virgin hair.

Brazilian keratin treatment can leave your hair shiny, manageable and frizz-free. the method uses an element called keratin that penetrates deep inside the hair roots and adds moisture, elasticity and strength to hair. Keratin is employed for replenishing and reconditioning hair so that it can be protected from damages caused by water and heat.

What you get is natural shine in your hair with a layer of protection that doesn’t get damaged further. Traditional relaxers and straighteners work by breaking down their complex then restructuring it in order to make them appear straight. These processes can damage hair. This modifying and restructuring action is additionally irreversible. Traditional products even have high pH levels.

Advantages Of Brazilian Keratin Treatment:

• Keratin treatments are often performed on almost all types of hairs whether the hair is chemically processed or virgin. If the hair has been processed previously, the system will work even better. Virgin hair generally becomes smoother after second application of this treatment. Brazilian keratin is taken into account to be the healthiest option for hair straightening as it causes minimal damage.

• The treatment lasts for much longer than any hair-relaxing treatment. The duration of its effect depends on the sort of hair and washing schedule.

• Keratin treatment doesn’t make use of any harsh chemicals. Flipside Of Keratin Treatment the sole disadvantage of this treatment is high costs attached to it. the worth of treatment ranges from $200-$400. At-home kits for keratin treatments also are available. the worth for at-home kits starts from $250.

For getting this treatment done, always consult knowledgeable stylist. Knowledge about this treatment beforehand can also help you in making a smarter choice. If the treatment is completed properly, it’ll leave even the most rough hair look smooth and very easy to style.

Precautions: Whether you get this treatment done at a salon or use an at-home kit, ensure that that keratin product you use contains less than 2% formaldehyde. Brazilian Gloss manufactures professional Keratin Smoothing Gloss and Keratin treatment aftercare products.

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