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Find Great Investment Opportunities With Dartmouth Real Estate

For real estate investors interested in buying in a different location, Dartmouth real estate has properties located in prime locations, which offers huge potential for appreciation value in the long term. Experienced Halifax real estate professional Pam Lionais has listed some of the best Dartmouth properties for sale on her real estate website.

The property at 196 Taranaki Drive, for instance, is the ideal family home on a quiet street in Forrest Hills. This three bedroom home is well protected from the sun and provides good privacy for the owners. With schools, shopping centers, recreation centers and bus routes located close by, this property offers convenient, easy access to any part of the city. Realtor Pam Lionais believes that buying a home is a major decision for anyone.

For first-time buyers, the experience can be intimidating and far too taxing. Lionais has a home buying guide for her clients that makes the buying process easy and stress free. She advises all those who are looking to buy properties in Halifax to hire a local real estate agent with whom they can share their needs and requirements so they can help them choose their new home.

This narrows down the choices and makes it easy for all parties concerned to diligently search for your dream home. Halifax is a volatile market and reflects the effects that the current US housing crisis has on properties everywhere.

Fortunately, the crisis has not affected Halifax as badly as it has in some other places in the US. According to Pam Lionais, the average prices of Halifax real estate are steadily climbing though the volumes are poor. Dartmouth real estate declines are led by poor sales in Dartmouth City and other areas.

Realtor Pam Lionais is a trusted and dependable real estate professional known in the Halifax real estate circles for her commitment to her profession and expertise in finding the perfect property for her clients. Her career has spanned a number of professions including sales and marketing. Her love for crunching numbers probably comes from her stint as a data analyst.

Her time as a marketer in Canada, the US, Ireland, and the UK has been instrumental in making her an expert in sales and marketing. Building relationships with clients comes naturally to her and so does the ability to negotiate a great deal culminating in her current capacity as a real estate professional. In the current market state, Pam strongly recommends condos as a safe investment option.

If you want to invest in forex trading markets, don’t forget to seek advice from a forex mentor.

Halifax condo is large, immaculate, and well-maintained. Located in the heart of the city, it has a bright and updated kitchen, spacious rooms, and an extra-large master bedroom. The property represents an ideal investment opportunity for property investors looking for attractive real estate investment options in Dartmouth real estate.

Pam Lionais offers her clients a wide range of choices in other types of properties too, all of which are on her website with detailed descriptions. You can search for properties by price, type, location or number of bedrooms.

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