Elite Chicago Limo – Limo Service in Chicago Goes Viral

As a new customer focused reinvention program, Elite Chicago Limo has taken steps to push their marketing campaign on the web. With the growing number of online social websites like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Pinterest, more and more people seek a closer relationship with their favorite service provider. After all, a better online social connection offers services like ours to better connect with their user group and provide a personalized experience.

The main problem, of course, when reaching out to customers via the web is the content. Before taking the initial steps towards setting up social website accounts, Elite Chicago Limo has thought long and hard about the topics and content that we will be discussing on our site.

When it comes to running a transportation service company, initially we thought it was very challenging to deliver the right content to the right consumer. In fact, there were multiple instances where we had scratched everything out and considered sticking with the conventional marketing and public relations approaches.

The concern was that we could only stay innovative and on the surface for so long, considering that we provide limo service in Chicago. Elite believed that there were only so many updates that we could give regarding a “limo in Chicago” experience. And when we thought all hope was lost, our complaints and comments department inspired us with a brilliant solution.

Kathy, our customer relations head, made a point that she often receives weekly comments and reviews regarding how much fun our customers had riding a limo accompanied by unique photographs of our limousines in Chicago city hot spots.

And this type of an idea was exactly what we needed to enhance our users’ online experience and go full out viral. What a better way to connect with our customers on a user level than to provide them with weekly updates on how their fellow city folks have enjoyed our service.

The greatest advantage to this approach is that the possibilities are endless. Each one of our customers have a unique limousine ride and experience around Chicago, and given the quality of the sent in pictures and reviews, we had enough updates to last us a decade. Because our fleet consists of a variety of luxury limousines such as party buses and hummers, the combinations of pictures in unique Chicago locations are endless.

Just recently we received a snapshot of our Chicago party bus at a Chicago Cubs player signature signing. Or there was also an instance where one of our customers sent in a video of their wedding reception, which included one of our white stretch limo pictures with our decals.

There are truly hundreds of examples of these great reports and thank you notes from customers that have loved our limo service. All that’s left for us to do is to share it with the world via the online media mediums.

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