Monogamy Without Monotony Should Be On Everyone’s Wish List

The Art of Intimacy (Stress Free Publications) by Dr. Arthur S. Samuels displays the wisdom and compassion that comes from over forty years of clinical experience. He helps solve critical intimacy issues with which everyone grapples, including midlife crises, addictions to beauty and romance, and fidelity within a committed relationship. In addition, he provides helpful exercises that enhance openness and intimacy.

The Art of Intimacy will tell you how to maintain a long-term loving relationship. The exciting part is that you will be able to do this without suffering through the tedium that often comes with familiarity, i.e., monogamy without monotony.

So much of how we operate in our adult relationships comes from how our personality was constricted in early childhood. It’s as if we become chained by our own thoughts of anger, self criticism and anxiety.

This makes us feel unworthy of love – the fear of rejection, fear of losing oneself in the act of pleasing another, fear of becoming too dependent, or the fear of being controlled. By offering solutions to the fears that prevent intimacy, Dr. Samuels teaches readers how to first unconditionally love themselves so that they may be free to love others.

Society doesn’t help us much with its emphasis on beauty and romance, adding even more pressure and stress, and leaving people feeling incomplete or worthless if they don’t make the grade. In The Art of Intimacy, Dr. Samuels turns the myth of romance into true love by empowering us to turn anger into patience and compassion and longing for idealized romance into real and gratifying caring.

The Art of Saying Goodbye is Dr. Samuels’ second book.

How to Survive the Loss of a Love

Grief can be a measure of how well you have lived and how deeply you have loved. The Art of Saying Goodbye is a powerful statement of comfort and hope that will:

– Show you how to love yourself through the excruciating pain of losing a loved one

– Teach you how to transform the essence of your loss into a powerful part of your personality

– Enable you to savor the preciousness of this moment, the only moment you can be truly alive

Dr. Arthur Samuels is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at L.S.U. and Tulane Schools of Medicine, with a Master of Psychology degree from Cornell University, and M.D. from Tulane. He has extensive experience as a lecturer and has conducted workshops in the U.S., Europe and New Zealand. He was formerly a radio host for his own programs of psychotherapy and has extensive experience with television interviewing on a variety of subjects.

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