How Easily Passengers Can Follow the Coronavirus Travel Advice?

With the virus seeping into almost every nook and corner of the earth, many countries are giving the citizens a set of rules to follow for their own safety. While some countries have clear guidelines that are enforced strictly others are lenient and rely on the best judgment of educated citizens to follow them.

UK Travel Guidelines

The UK travel guidance amidst the corona outbreak is not simple but it is straightforward. It might be a completely new set of rules for some citizens while others may adapt fairly easily. Regardless, it is clear and one can follow the travel guide easily without getting confused.

You have to Follow these Guidelines

The virus does not differentiate based on social class, occupation, caste or creed. That is why the rules are the same for everyone. So that is our first very simple rule there. It won’t look at your passport and won’t know if you are a high profile personality or a businessman. That is why the travel guidelines are issued to make sure that every set or class of people can follow them easily.

Take a look at what the guidelines are. It is fairly simple and we doubt that one should have difficulty in understanding it. There are countries listed as green, yellow and then red. Reds are the no go area while yellows fall somewhere in between greens and reds. You can visit them at your own risk. But it is advisable not to do that. Remember that it is advisable and not mandatory for you to do that.

But that doesn’t mean that you should do something just because you can. The green areas are safe and you can visit them. These were the general categorization of the areas you can or cannot visit.

Then there are guidelines as to whether or not you should travel to any of those areas regardless of how safe they are. For starters, it is the safest thing to do if you don’t travel at all to any of those areas. If that’s not feasible for you and you do have to travel at all, prefer going to the low-risk countries like Norway or Finland as opposed to India or Italy which lie in the red region.

If you have to travel to any of those countries, you have to follow all the general Corona safety guidelines like washing your hands, wearing a mask and avoiding contact. You will have to stop going out for at least 14 days and confine yourself at home when you come back.

Bottom Line

These guidelines should be fairly easy to follow. People still need time to adapt to these seemingly restrictive guidelines. But I think that it is our collective responsibility to decide for ourselves and our loved ones. Their safety is also in our hands. That is why it is of the utmost importance that we pay special attention to these travel guidelines to ensure our individual and collective safety. Take a look at the cheap PIA flights here if you are travelling to Pakistan.

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