Choosing a Kindergarten School in Abu Dhabi – The Best Practises to Look Out For

Kindergarten lately has taken a new turn in terms of the kind of pedagogy it follows. Its approach has transformed into one that is more forward-facing rather than being simply based on old practices. There are numerous reasons for this to be practiced by any good Kindergarten school. Nowadays, the original Montessori Method of kindergarten is not found everywhere and thus one can expect to find it only in one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi has no dearth of good Kindergarten schools and we shall look at a few of these schools below.

Kindergarten schools that really stand apart as the best schools in Abu Dhabi

  • GIIS Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi fits the bill of a true-to-heart Montessori school due to the strict adherence to a Montessori form of education. Apart from the regular Montessori methodology, GIIS is one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi since it offers a multitude of boards right from the level of Kindergarten to high school.

As a Kindergarten school, GIIS offers the Global Montessori Plus curriculum that establishes a healthy relationship between the best Montessori practices to date and also an upgraded outlook of Montessori learning.

  • Green Fields Nursery

Located in Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, here is a British preschool that is based on the EYFS curriculum and lays a solid foundation to prepare children for their transition to primary school. Even though they are a Kindergarten school, their focus is on STEM learning that includes aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in their own simple way.

The belief is that the earlier the children get exposed to such areas of learning, the more successful they would get in their academic careers.

  • Step by Step Nursery

Step by Step Nursery is one of the more renowned ones due to its presence in other nearby cities as well. It is located at Al Huwelat Street in Abu Dhabi and follows the British EYFS curriculum as well as the Reggio Emilia approach. The teachers here design unique hands-on activity components as per each child’s unique needs. Thus, there is a high degree of focus on each individual child making it a very effective system.

As a Kindergarten school, their mantra at Step By Step is to instill in the young learners’ aspects of confidence, creativity and independence. When it comes to the ambience, it is a safe, secure and home-like environment that makes it easy to learn.

  • Redwood Montessori Nursery

Redwood ascribes to the Montessori curriculum the Feng shui form of learning design. They have three branches in Abu Dhabi that are located in Khalifa city A, Saadiyat Island and Al Bateen. The teachers are known to follow a design of well-structured goals and tasks with a lot of exploratory activities in order to boost their cognitive and problem-solving skills.


With these schools in the picture, a Kindergarten education in Abu Dhabi would not be a concern at all if you are an expat or a UAE locality. The best part about education in Abu Dhabi is that your child gets international exposure right from the start in terms of an intellectual cultural mix and that is not something you get in every other city.

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