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Blogging is a great platform for those who have always been interested in presenting their thoughts and views about something that intrigues the curious minds. When it comes to choosing a dedicated blogging platform, nothing can better than WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most ideal and well reputed platform for one’s blogging needs. Regardless of what you write about, WordPress can always be customized accordingly. WordPress offers ample of options for bloggers. Be it the theme, or the layout and spacing, everything can be tweaked as per the bloggers need..

Key Characteristics of WordPress as a Blogging Platform

Choose your own theme

WordPress offers its users with unlimited themes to choose from. Spend some time while choosing a theme, because looks matter! The more presentable your blog seems, the better are the chances of getting more views. And depending on the quality of content you write, your blog might organically rise on top of the search engine results.

Customizable CMS Platform

Platforms such as WordPress are generally called Content Management Systems. Content Management system, as the name says, is a user friendly computer application that helps create modify, delete and edit contents via a central interface. WordPress is kind of the leader amongst the various CMS platforms available online.

WordPress allows its users to customize the interface accordingly. One can add or remove widgets, choose among a huge library of Fonts, add background image, add pages or remove pages etc. These were just a few of the customizable attributes available on WordPress. There are many more features that will make you fall in love with this genius computer application.

Purchase the Domain

If you are having a WordPress account and you are using the free of cost option for blogging purpose, your domain might appear something like “xyz.wordpress.com”.

You might as well want to get rid of the “.wordpress” part and just want a .com or .org domain. For the same you’ll have to buy a domain and that is possible on WordPress. You can purchase a domain and get it hosted via the various hosting service providers such as Bluehost, IX Web Hosting, HostGator etc.

WordPress is surely a platform worth a try. If you are a blogging enthusiast yet never tried blogging, you ought to try WordPress as a platform and express your yourself to the millions of internet users who crave for a food for thought!

10 Trends content marketing we cannot ignore

In these times when the online presence is a necessity for businesses, 93% of that presence begins on search engines. 68% of potential customers consult social networks before making a purchase decision.

B2B companies are using content marketing to build your brand and create demand. In fact, companies that regularly maintained blog generate 67% more leads.

These are the 10 content marketing trends that we cannot ignore:

1. Companies that embrace content marketing strategies, improve your ranking in search engines.

Content marketing and SEO are the new, create links and interactions with what rank your sites improvement in search engines.

2. Aggressive sales produced increasing rejection users

While 87% of buyers recognize that the content generates a high impact on their purchasing decisions, 43% say that aggressive and pushy advertising sales, most of the time makes them abandon their purchase intention.

According to Mike Steiner, CEO of Social Media Examiner, aggressive salespeople, those who continually try to promote their products, are increasingly ignored.

3. Advertising will become more and more subtle, with ads that are integrated into the content.

The native advertising has become very popular among some publishers like The New York Times, Forbes, etc. They have realized that traditional ads are becoming less effective so are specializing in native branded content ads, advertorials, interviews, etc.

Advertisers will choose ads that are strategically placed between content and will work closely with publishers to ensure premium content that add value to the reading experience for users.

4. Increasingly, companies are realizing that investing in content marketing is just the first step.

This is not only to create content, it is also about how to distribute. According to Forbes, 26% of companies are already investing in a distribution plan for their content. The distribution of strategic content will become increasingly important as everyone struggles to get people to read their contents. We must improve the content continuously optimize it for mobile and do it.

5. The content marketing and social media marketing will benefit from each other.

Social media is a powerful way to amplify the content. In the future, more and more companies will realize the possibility of using social media to reinforce the content. This will result in an organic growth of social media as well as paid advertising such social media. Enterprises will increase spending to promote their messages.

6. Improve the email marketing.

Email has long been a good way to promote content, generate more entries in the blog and sell products. Unfortunately, the poor quality email marketing has caused a steady increase in anti-spam filters to block all those unwanted emails and devalued this communication channel.

This will swap and begin to use content marketing skills to improve the quality of emails and increase the dissemination and participation.

7. Local content will continue to grow unabated.

Local content will grow exponentially because it is directly linked to the hyper local searches. Search engines fueling growth of this type of content as it is often useful content, high quality and well positioned.

8. Customization be an element of change

Segmentation tools and marketing automation continue to improve. This will allow further customization, a single focus and caters to each client.

Trademarks may insert custom content directly to each reader. Further customization will result in improved customer retention as what is offered is personalized and meaningful to them.

9. The Guest Blogging grow back again

The guest blogging used to be a popular way to improve positioning but when Matt Cutts said the guest blogging was finished, most people stopped using it and that despite finally, Matt Cutts, qualified his statements saying I was not trying to end the Guest Blogging and there was still good reason to continue doing so.

The truth is that indeed there are still good reasons to continue the (exposure, brand, reach, community) and certainly this tactic will grow in the coming years.

10. The budget business content marketing will continue to grow

According to Benchmarks report, 58% of B2B marketers are considering increasing their content marketing budgets this year. Furthermore, this 58%, 10% are considering a significant increase in resources.

As companies begin to realize the benefits of content marketing will begin to move their investments outside traditional SEO campaigns. This will mean an increase in budgets and creating: blog posts, case studies, white papers, videos etc.

In conclusion:

The days of the forms of aggressive selling and pushy advertising, is giving way to a focus on content marketing companies increase their budgets and increasingly improve their strategies in this field. They include in them the distribution of content across multiple channels, social media, email marketing, guest blogging, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

All this, combined with a personal and attractive touch, make content marketing is a great promise for the coming years.

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