Best VK Video Downloader ( Step By Step Guide )

VK is a popular social media platform. They are known as VKontakte. Website is a Russian-based social media website for entertainment. They contain the same features as Facebook and are popular in Russia. Vk gives you access to share videos, chat with others, and upload audio and images.

During created time vk was only available for the Russian people but now they’re available for many countries. Globally now it is available in more than 80 languages. So, now it’s not limited to Russia but many countries use these social media sites.

VKontakte gives you video options like youtube. Many features of this website are the same as those on youtube. You can not download vk videos to offline watch. But don’t worry about it because we have ideas or solutions. Third-party apps or tools are helpful to download vk videos on your devices.

We give you the full video download process in this article. Popular features of the vk such as messaging, news, large communities, like buttons, privacy, SMS services, fresh music, and Synchronization with other social networks. Many countries including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Latvia use platforms.

Save VK

.Save vk is popular vkvideo downloaders. Downloading process of the video of vk is easy with this tool. All devices are easily compatible like android, ios, tablets, pc, mac, etc. Some tools and websites set video download limits on you while this is free from any download limit. You can easily download unlimited videos. The best thing is that nothing costs you to pay for the download.

VK Video Download Process With Save VK

  • Open the browser on your devices
  • Open save vk website
  • Simply tap the get video file button
  • Various video options are available
  • Select your favorite video and download it from there.


Keepvid allows you to download vk videos fast download. You can easily download video’s mp3 and mp4 formats. There are numerous websites and video-sharing platforms’ URLs that work with the tool. Various video formats are supported in the keepvid like WEBM, MP4, 3GP, and more. Some apps or websites required registration or a sign-up process for any download and conversions but the tool is free from it.

Easy VKontakte Video Download Process With Keepvid

  • Open the Keepvid on your device’s browser
  • Copy the video URLs of the VK
  • Paste that URL into the search bar of Keepvid
  • Tap the go button
  • Different video download options are available.
  • You can tap download to save video on your devices

Video DownloadHelper Free VK Video Downloader Extension

Video downloader helper is a free extension for any video download. It’s available for different browsers such as firefox, google chrome, safari, etc. The download process is the different from above tools. Many video-sharing websites link are supported in this extension. Video download helper extension is free available you can easily download it from browser. It’s supported on All pc and mac devices.

Download Process of Video Download Helper Extension

  • Download the extension from any browser
  • Open video on any platforms
  • Play the video that you want to download
  • Click on the video download helper extensions
  • Where video download options are available
  • Click on the download button


There are various vk video downloaders are available on google. We give you a simple and free vk video download tool and extension in the post. No costs or charges pay for it. Everyone can freely use them for video download.

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