Tips for a German Shepherd Training – You Need Know

German shepherd training is not as difficult as it might appear. Training your German shepherd depends on consistency, knowledge and determination or else it won’t work. With positive reinforcement and those 3 keys, you will be amazed with what your German Shepherd dog is capable of.

If you’re stressed with training your German shepherd or training is not going as smoothly as you would have desired, here are some simple tips that that might help you with your training:

Disciplining your German shepherd while he is still young would be the best time to commit to training. Of course this includes socialization to prevent any problems once he reaches adulthood. Pups have a much easier time remembering things and obey you at this early stage of their life, so be sure it to your advantage.

Do not let him get away with leaving a mess or chewing up your belongings no matter how cute it might look. Many dog owners who are new to training make the mistake of allowing their puppy do whatever their little heart desires when they first bring them inside their home.

Allowing such behavior grants the GSD to chew on your shoes or other things and when you determine to end such behavior you will only confusion to your dog. Allowing him to chew your belongings one day and penalizing him the next day will makes it seem like your penalizing him for no reason. A good dog trainer always knows that consistency is the key to success.

Be sure to use only use positive reward and nothing else when training your German shepherd. Penalizing your dog by hitting your dog is never justified. If your dog misbehaves use other kind of punishment alternatively. For example, if your puppy creates a mess, tell him go to his place and make him sit for a bit there instead of striking him for what was done.

Also make sure you only punish your dog when you catch him red-handed. If you’re punishing your dog over a thing that he did earlier he won’t understand why you are punishing him mad at him. Since dogs try to make you constantly happy, you should reward them for obeying you with praises and treats. Striking your dog can only lead to more behavior problems later in your dogs life.

Even though all GSD are the same breed and they all share very similar features, there are some differences in their personalities within the breed. If you know your dogs personality, you should use it to your advantage to make training even easier on both of you.

If a particular training technique does not work for your dog, don’t be upset and give up on training all together, instead try a different rout to train your dog that trick that you have been trying to teach him. As you progress with training, you will start to pick up on things that work and don t work for your dog.

Be sure to always praise your dog when he does something you liked or wanted him to do. Praising your German shepherd dog and giving him treats motivates him to keep obeying your rules and listen to your commands.

A well trained German shepherd can be a great addition to any family. Put these tips into use when you get the chance and start training your German shepherd into a well behaved dog that he deserves to be and you deserve to own.

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