The Output of the Crisis is to Strengthen our Brands

Marketing Association of Spain, in collaboration with Coleman CBX Branding, Branding presented Observatory 2022, a unique and pioneering initiative in Spain that holds out the prospect of becoming an independent and open to knowledge, reflection and analysis projection and the new twist that is taking the world of branding and trademarks.

His promise: “Get inspired> Get Transformed> Get ready” sums up the spirit and mission of the Observatory: inspire everything new and relevant information that is necessary to transform our brands, raise quality standards and activate more and better.

Led by professional experts from the worlds of branding, research, academia and business (Deloitte, Google, Coca-Cola, GfK, Corporate Excellence and ESIC, among others), presented in the form of presentations and round table in the day have analyzed the latest developments and industry trends, offering answers, ideas and new perspectives to business success both as professionals and companies where the brand is the leading player.

The day was led by Pedro Aguilar and Buceta Natividad, vice president and general manager of the Marketing Association of Spain, respectively, and Victor Mirabet, CEO of Coleman CBX Branding, the main promoters of the project.

Nativity Buceta, Director General of the Association of Marketing in Spain, said: “The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a brand or branding is a logo and, in any event, a claim. While marketers know it is much more.

The strategic value provided by this intangible and its impact on our customers and consumers: greater recognition, attractive, purchase intent, loyalty and prescription, strengthens the relationship and therefore lengthens the customer lifecycle. In short, an effective marketing tool in which to invest to secure market position in a hypercompetitive environment. “

Meanwhile, Victor Mirabet, CEO of Coleman CBX Branding , said “Branding Observatory brewing takes a year, and was created with the mission to get to become a” mega model “able to perceive and analyze where are our marks.

Our endeavor is to become a useful reference platform, which inspire and build effective “micro models” especially designed for business and professional needs approach, processing and management in a time of major changes like the present. “

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